We are the first and only to get you ready before your arrival. 
No stress about anything, we take care of what's annoying and painful for you. 


In the Kit:


  • 1x Free and ready to activate UK Bank Account (free currency transfers)
  • 1x SIM Card, ready to activate, £5 free credit and no contract
  • 1x USB Foldable adaptor
  • 1x Discount card with vouchers and best services
  • 1x Exclusive access to Kit, our relocation chatbot, that will explain everything from A to Z, 24/7


Included NHS+NINo:


  1. National Insurance Number (NINo) mandatory interview booked for you
  2. National Health Service (NHS) registration visit booked for you




SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, prices can change according to destination, arrived in max. 7 working days at your home. 


We'll make you a local in a few days!




The ultimate arrival Kit (UK)

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept return. 
    But if you don't like the Kit, we can understand and we can get you a refund. This never happened though ;).