The first and only Kit to live abroad.

Linked to our relocation chatbot, Kit. 

A seamless arrival for your newcomers. 

Let's reinvent together the way people arrive abroad. 

How do you help people you send or welcome abroad to arrive?
Does this process create a competitive advantage for your company / school / agency?

We deliver a tailored welcome pack to the people you care for.


We transform them into locals in a few days and create a marketing opportunity for your brand. 

Our destinations: London, the United Kingdom, soon Paris and Montreal. Would you like to propose a new destination?

All the useful tools 

In a welcome pack which change everything: Bank account and card - SIM card - discount card - foldable adapter: the people you welcome will receive your welcome pack at home, fully preparing them for their arrival.

A seamless

arrival process

An incoming mail - a chatbot that explains the procedure and welcomes you (on Messenger) - video tutorials - a newsletter about life in London or your campus' life. Create a dialogue with your clients / students / employees.  

Get to be seen and recognized

Once they arrive, we encourage your newcomers to share their experience with their social network and to put your brand at the centre of attention. We create a strong differentiator for your brand. 

All the necessary information

Gathered in a guide that looks like you: Talk about your services, your campus, all that concerns the destination your clients are being welcomed to. 



No more repetitive questions - basic problems and misunderstandings: Empower newcomers by providing them with the necessary autonomy. They will only require your intervention when truly needed. We can take care of the administrative tasks (NIN, NHS, Visas ...) for them as well.

Innovation at your fingertips 

The current transformations in the hospitality and service sectors are inevitable. Become a pionner. 

We connect this Welcome Kit with a complete Messenger chatbot that tells your story to your newcomers. 

Proactive support

Customers are better informed so they call less. Support agents can now proactively deal with matters that require their attention.

Brand experience

Create a unique, amazing arrival experience that your customers will remember and share.

Marketing leverage

Our final customers receive the Kit and become your first brand ambassadors to their friends and family. 

Our solutions are tailored to your needs. 

Just ask for a Kit that looks like you. 

We have a 100% positive feedback on our Kits




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