Welcome packs and Bots

Welcome Packs and promotional products are gross

Single-use ugly flyers and bad quality plastic goodies are from the past. 

Nobody read them anyway. And all of this will end up in the ocean or burnt down somewhere. 

We transform your content into a digital conversation and we help you to deliver the best physical sustainable welcome packs

We create tailored welcome experiences for any type of onboarding process:



We are specialists in multi-platforms Chatbots and Physical Welcome packs. Sometimes we just create bots, sometimes only welcome packs. Up to you. 

We create simple but efficient Bots that deliver YOUR STORY.


Deployed on:

  • Messenger

  • Instagram

  • Whatsapp

  • WeChat (in Chinese). 

We create your tone of voice digitally through conversation and UI/UX design to deliver the best narrative. 

We believe that giving away samples and pushing for partners that will help your newcomers also gives us the responsibility to be really picky about what we choose.


So we only take the real things we love to use ourselves. And we negotiate nice discounts and physical samples. 


In the meantime, we create visibility for underground and cool brands that deserve to be known. 

We got rid of the useless paperwork that no one ever reads anymore. 

We deliver the coolest chatbots and rethink the way you discuss with your newcomers. 

This creates an opportunity for your brand to: 

  • Upsell products and partners through conversation

  • Avoid long emails and pdfs that bore your customers out. 

  • Receive immediate and accurate feedback from your newcomers

  • Create polls and other interactive community engagement. 


Our SURVIVAL KITS or WELCOME PACKS are designed for sustainability and made to be reused for many more experiences. Whitelabeled or co-branded.

It can be a canvas fanny pack, a multi-use recycled PVC cosmetic pouch or anything that we know for sure will have less impact on our planet and people will just love using. 

The first impression matters the most.


Reach your EMPLOYEES / FESTGOERS / INVITEES / EMPLOYEES / STUDENTS before you deliver with a new narrative about your brand.

We are rated 5 stars on Trustpilot, we welcomed more than 5000 newcomers in the UK and in France. 

We work with trusted startups and companies that believe their welcoming process is really important. 

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